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Jisr a-Zarka, the only arab village in Israel that was established using funds of the Zionist movement’s institutions almost a century ago, has been neglected by the authorities – either deliberately or because of bureaucratic stagnation.
“Immediate Architecture” explores the possibility of building a relationship of trust, dialogue and collaboration in order to find planning and building solutions that may give autonomy to the community and the individuals living in Jisr a-Zarka, even if for a short while.

The production practice is based on a wide platform of open source, by which the consumer\producer (the “Prosumer”) can change the architectural object and its components, beginning with the planning and designing process, through the independent building and assembly, to the object’s existence and adaptation in the concrete space.

The approach of “Immediate Architecture” and its production practice using CNC and open source were brought to test in the Seesaw Project. The seesaw was built together with the people of Jisr a-Zarka on the dirt battery between the village and Caesaria, one of the richest towns in Israel, that was built with an excuse of being an “acoustic barrier”. 

furthermore it was decided in a collaborative initiative to erect a “surfing hut” as a community project for immediate realization.

חזית 2.png
חזית 1.png
ביתן גלישה 4.png
ביתן גלישה 1.png
ביתן גלישה 2.png
ביתן גלישה 3.png
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